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360 degree lens, camera, software. One-Shot Virtual Tours ...
    The 0-360 Panoramic Optic™ has been produced and sold since 2002. The 0-360 is a specially designed 360-degree panorama lens attachment, with an exclusive optical reflector which captured an entire 360 degree panoramic virtual tour with a single shot (no stitching of multiple photos).Its proprietary shape was derived through extensive research, and is mathematically unique.

360 Degree Virtual Tour Camera Recommended
    Virtual Tour software: SYSTEM The 0-360 Panoramic Optic™ is a specially designed lens attachment, with an exclusive optical reflector which captures an entire 360 degree panorama with a single shot (no more stitching!). The attachment is designed for use with cameras which have threaded lens …

0-360 One Shot Virtual Tour Camera Lens ThePhotoForum ...
    Sep 10, 2010 · With the 0-360, you can capture an entire panorama (115 x 360 degree field of view) with one photo. In fact, the 0-360 Panoramic Optic has the highest field of view of any one-shot virtual tour lens system on the market. And our free* software makes it easy to publish your image as a virtual tour on your web site.

How to choose your photo lens to create a virtual tour
    Oct 18, 2019 · Two Fisheye lens very good and which Stitchs very well. With other ones, there will be more or less stitching artefacts and sometimes really too many for someone who wants to make virtual tour regularly. The last good surprise comes from the 7.5 and 8 mm Samyang for APS or 4:3 sensor. Indeed, for $300 (instead of 280 dollars now that it ...

The fastest, easiest virtual tour system on the planet!
    The 0-360 Panoramic Optic™ is the fastest, easiest virtual tour system on the planet!™ Transcript Welcome to a demonstration of the 0-360 Panoramic Optic™, from Simply mount your camera, with the lens pointed vertically.

360 camera vs. DSLR: which is better for virtual tours ...
    Jun 03, 2018 · 360 cameras vs. DSLRs (technically, interchangeable lens cameras) Are DSLRs obsolete for 360 photos or virtual tours? The best way to answer the question is by showing you some 360 photos from a DSLR (or ILC) panorama compared to some of the best 360 … Image Gallery - 360 degree lens, camera ...
    Samples of images taken with the 0-360 Panoramic Optic, from various cameras

360 Degree Virtual Tour Software -
    360 degree video is here! offers the new 360video Unwrapper Studio, which takes videos created with a digital video camera and our Optic, and turns them into interactive 360 degree video virtual tours! Visit for more details. The 360video Unwrapper Studio was available for purchase at $349, but is now available for free with every purchase of the 0-360 Panoramic Optic.

Panoramic Optic - Virtual Tour Lens 360 Degrees addaptor ...
    Aug 26, 2009 · EGG Photo 360° Pack First is composed of a lightweight and durable lens and a user-friendly software, which allows viewers to transform digital images into life-like, multimedia experiences ...Author: eggsolutionstore

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