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One Day in Munich: Best Places to See in Munich in 1 Day
    May 13, 2019 · Munich is the third largest city in Germany and the largest in Germany’s Bavarian region, an area in southern Germany predominately known for scenic beauty, frescoed buildings, and lots of beer, which can make it hard to narrow down the best places to visit in Munich in one day.

One Day in Munich: Top Things to Do - 6 o'clock train
    If you have an extra day, or two, then why not try one of these day trips from Munich. It’s an amazing area and you’ll find something to delight everyone. Share on Pinterest! Add one or more days in Munich to your Balkans Road Trip. Check out what else you can do in the Balkans by clicking on the links below.

One Day in Munich: Travel Guide on Tripadvisor
    One of the largest city parks in Europe, the English Garden, and the Isar River along which it sits, are among the major reasons why people love living in Munich. The water is clean and clear, and every sunny day makes for a good excuse to chill out, have a beer, grill some steaks with friends, or even take a swim in the river.

Fantastic Day Trips From Munich. Build Your Tour & Save -60%
    This tour is your chance to escape from the city and see the countryside as well as visit some attractions outside the city. Book one of the one-day tours and see beautiful new places around Munich. Why should you go on a day tour from Munich? There are a number of things that make the day trips from Munich worth your investment of time and money.

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