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AND1 Live Tour - Wikipedia
    The AND1 Live Tour, formerly known as the AND1 Mixtape Tour, is a traveling basketball competition and exhibition presented by B-Ball and Company and the basketball apparel manufacturer AND1. A group of streetball players, along with Emcee Rell and B-Ball and Company CEO Linda Hill, travel from town to town and challenge teams composed of local talent. Games tend to be characterized by isolation one-on-one … Street Ball - The And 1 Mix Tape Tour: Skip to ...
    Apr 08, 2003 · The first TV show ever dedicated to streetball, Streetball: The AND 1 Mix Tape Tour digs deep into the lives of some of today's top player's ... the AND 1 Mix Tape players. See the stories, lifestyles, and personalities of the players as they spend the summer playing in the hottest basketball events across the country.4.6/5(16) Street Ball - The AND 1 Mix Tape Tour, Season ...
    May 11, 2004 · This added, calculated dimension detracts somewhat from the delightful innocence of the first season (Street Ball: The And 1 Mix Tape Tour), though there are unique highlights, such as the undersized, Tacoma teen who wows 'em during competition but proves too young to join the team.4.4/5(14)

2019 Mixtape Concert Review ~ You Must GO If You Can!
    May 17, 2019 · So, the Mixtape Tour… If you don’t know what a mixtape is, you’re not a child of the ‘80s/’90s. Mixtapes are basically back-to-back songs, by different artists, or even the same artist, but songs that aren’t normally sold on an album together. I’ll keep it real, I still make mixtapes today. They’re on CDs now, but they still ...

Streetball: The And 1 Mix Tape Tour: Season 2 DVD Movie
    ESPN's second season of Streetball: the And1 Mix Tape Tour chronicles the search for the next And1 Mix Tape phenom in 10 episodes as the 2003 And 1 Mix Tae Tour rolls through 33 cities taking on anything and everything in its path. Players include Hot Sauce, Skip to My Lou, Fifty, Escalade, Main Event, Shane, AO, Flash, Syk Wit It, more.

Streetball: The And 1 Mix Tape Tour: Season 1 DVD Movie
    Streetball: The And 1 Mix Tape Tour: Season 1 film This DVD is off the hook!! You have got to own this DVD-set, the best streetball-tour movie ever made. Streetball: The And 1 Mix Tape Tour: Season 1 review The best moves, dunks and streetball entertainment youll see... Get it! By mikkelbolander (Holbaek, Denmark)

Streetball: And1 Mix Tape Tour [Import]: And 1 Mixtape ...
    Apr 08, 2003 · タイトルにある「Tour」の通り、Tourの様子が大半を占めます。 選手へのインタビューも多くあるので、英語がわかる人にはいいかも…? 「Mix Tape 5」にないプレイもいくつかありますが、 特には…って感じです。2巻セットな分、星☆3つ!Reviews: 17

And-1 Mixtape tour vol.1-4
    NBA And-1 Mixtape tour vol.1-4 @sports. most propped. most slapped. sections: hiphop 419 on now. sports 268 on now. wild'ish 249 on now. news 85 on now. thots 169 on now. movies 43 on now. games 50 on now. gear 49 on now. tech 2 on now. rides 3 on now. guap 3 on now. health 3 on now. interesting BXWF 5 on now. good eats sportsbook view all ...

The Professor - AND 1 Mixtape 2003-2008 - YouTube
    May 19, 2013 · — My Free Dribbling Tips The Professor played for the And 1 Mixtape Tour from 2003-2010 all together. However, the...Author: Professor Live

    This morning on the Today Show, we announced our most extensive tour in years, THE MIXTAPE TOUR. We will be kicking it off in North America in May 2019. We know that so many of you around the world are waiting for us to return to your city. We are planning and plotting and hope to make it …

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