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7 day tour - ideas for your Scotland trip - MUST SEE SCOTLAND
    The tour outlined in the page below is not definitive. Treat it more as a starting point for an idea of how much ground you could cover in a week in Scotland. Seven Days in Scotland - Day 1. OK, so you have arrived in Edinburgh and find yourself, in the morning, blinking in the sunshine somewhere on Princes Street, wondering what to do first.

Scotland Road Trips – Driving Tours & Touring Scotland by ...
    Get off the beaten track by following one of Scotland's National Tourist Routes, or check out our brilliant driving and road trip itineraries. Whether you've got a couple of days or whole week, you'll find fantastic route inspiration and details on fascinating attractions to see along the way.

The Optimal Itinerary for Scotland in 7 days 1 Week in ...
    Day 1 itinerary for Edinburgh: On the first day in Edinburgh (and the first day of your 7 days in Scotland)(assuming you have a full day), you should wear comfortable shoes, because you’re going to walk A LOT. I would recommend you to start exploring around 9am.Head to the Royal Mile all the way up to the Edinburgh Castle.

Scotland Itinerary: Where to Go in Scotland by Rick Steves
    Rick’s Best Two-Week Trip to Scotland (by Car) This recommended itinerary gives you an idea of how much you can reasonably see in 14 days, but of course you'll want to adapt it to fit your own interests and time frame. Day 1: Arrive Edinburgh (sleep in Edinburgh) Day 2: Edinburgh (sleep in Edinburgh) Day 3: Edinburgh (sleep in Edinburgh)

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