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The toughest bicycle ride in the world - 100 cols
    The Hundred Cols Tour is the ultimate challenge for the bicycle rider. Fourthousand kilometer over all great mountain areas of France, passes more than hundred cols and more than hundred côtes. This is an individual challenge. Whoever succeeds in doing this tour …

Bike-Dreams : 100 Cols
    The "100 Cols Tour" is created by Honderd Cols Tocht, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring people to cycle through all great mountain areas of France. For more information, please visit their website "De Honderd Cols Tocht".

100 Cols Tour – 2019 Greg and Stacy ride
    Jun 29, 2019 · This summer Stacy & I will return to France to ride the 100 Cols Tour once again. This ride is over four thousand kilometers and climbs all the major mountains of France, over two hundred cols and côtes, with over 260,000 feet of climbing. A col is a mountain pass, and a côte is a high-point on the road such as a mountain-top.

Over 100 Cols to PBP: 200 Cols tour
    Sep 15, 2012 · Inspired by my own writings about the 100 cols tour from 2011, I decided to enjoy the same route again this year (2012). To make a little bit of a difference, this year I rode it in reverse direction. Climbing a col from the other side is a totally different experience. Therefore, that makes it a "200 Cols" tour. Packing list.

100 cols - De zwaarste fietstocht ter wereld!
    De Honderd Cols Tocht is de ultieme uitdaging voor de fietser. Vierduizend kilometer over alle grote gebergten van Frankrijk, over ruim honderd cols en ruim honderd côtes. Een individueel te rijden tocht. Wie deze tocht volbrengt kan zich rekenen tot de allersterksten, tot de echte volhouders.

The 100 cols circuit: a superb cycle tour through the ...
    The 100 Cols Circuit consists of four tours that can be combined into one fabulous cycling challenge. For those without the time or the fitness to do the whole circuit, the full tour has been divided into four loops requiring between five and ten days of pedalling: The High Alps (584 km) - 9 days The Pre-Alps (408 km) …

100 Cols 2019 reports day-by-day Greg and Stacy ride
    100+ Cols / 2500 miles / 225,000 feet of climbing “And in the space of a few short hours, life had been reduced from a highly complex existence, with a thousand petty problems, to one of the barest simplicity in which one real task remained - the achievement of the goal.” -A. Lansing • Endurance…

Cent Cols Challenge Climbing mountains
    Climbing mountains Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Phil Deeker, talisman and founder of the Cent Cols Challenge who in 2017 celebrated his 60th birthday by completing his Ride of a Thousand Cols, tries to define what exactly sets these events apart from all the others.

100 cols tocht 25 dagen – 4000 km – 100 cols
    25 dagen - 4000 km - 100 cols. 20e etappe: L’Isle sur le Doubs – St. Marie aux Mines (202 km) Als we ontwaken op het eilandje op het riviertje de Doubs en het roadbook bekijken komen we plots tot een schokkende vaststelling.

Cent Cols Challenges Rapha Travel
    Cent Cols Challenge 100 cols, 10 days – a unique journey that tests the body and spirit in equal measure. Phil Deeker’s commitment to riding in the mountains led him to create one of the ultimate tests on a road bike – the Cent Cols Challenge (CCC).

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