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Pioneer Zephyr - Wikipedia
    The Pioneer Zephyr is a diesel-powered trainset built by the Budd Company in 1934 for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad (CB&Q), commonly known as the Burlington Route. The trainset was the second internal combustion powered streamliner built for mainline service in the United States, the first such train powered by a diesel engine, and the first to enter revenue service.

Burlington's "Zephyr 9900" Streamliner: History, Photos
    The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy is often credited with kicking off the streamliner revolution in the United States. While its Pioneer Zephyr, also often referred to as the Zephyr 9900, was not the first streamliner introduced to the public (Union Pacific can claim such historical honors, which unveiled its M-10000 a few months earlier), it did garner the greatest public attention.

The Burlington Zephyr American Experience Official ...
    On May 26, 1934, the Burlington Zephyr made its Dawon-to-Dusk run, from Denver to Chicago, breaking the record for nonstop train travel and speed. Then the Zephyr really took off. In 1934, it ...

1934 Burlington Pioneer Zephyr - YouTube
    Jun 04, 2008 · In 1934 The Burlington Pioneer Zephyr broke records with its Denver to Chicago run.

Streamliner - Wikipedia
    The Zephyr, after its Worlds Fair display and a nationwide demonstration tour, entered revenue service between Kansas City Missouri and Lincoln Nebraska on 11 November 1934. A total of nine Zephyr trainsets were built for Burlington between 1934 and 1939, serving various midwestern routes as …

Enter the Zephyr
    The Zephyr, however, looks as fresh and modern today as it did in 1934. Indeed, some recent passenger locomotives have similar, if less elegant, shovel noses. The gleaming stainless steel left the brown-nosed M-10000 in the shadows. Technically, the Zephyr’s use of stainless steel and Diesel power put it a generation ahead of the M-10000.

BRHS - CB&Q Zephyrs - Burlington Route
    The most famous (and largest) fleet of streamliners in the United States was the Burlington's Zephyrs. From the original Zephyr's introduction to service on November 11, 1934, to the flagship Denver Zephyr, the stainless steel speedsters epitomized train travel.

'Mark Twain Zephyr' to run again Trains Magazine
    The second car in the train, baggage car No. 506, Becky Thatcher, will be rebuilt to include a historical walk-through interpretation of the Zephyr program. The third car is No. 551, dining car Huckleberry Finn.Plans are restore it to be a a full-service dining car, with the interior modeled after the 1936 Denver Zephyr.. Plans for boat-tail observation lounge-parlor car No. 573, the Tom ...

The Pioneer Zephyr - September, 1938 - Streamliner Schedules
    Following its own nationwide publicity tour, the new Zephyr (named for the Greek god of the west wind) entered revenue service on November 11, 1934 between Lincoln, Omaha and Kansas City. But Burlington already had numerous additional streamliners on order from the Budd company, and they could see that with the Zephyr they had created more than ...

Vintage Chicago : Step aboard the Pioneer Zephyr: Chicago ...
    Get ready to travel back in time to May 26, 1934, when you step aboard the Pioneer Zephyr for a record breaking "ride" from Denver to Chicago. This slick, stainless steel, diesel-powered railroad train, built by the Budd Company in 1934 for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad (CB&Q), was created to advertise the speed and glamour of ...

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