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    Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Delta Center. 1997

Poor Touring Me - Wikipedia
    165 rows · The Poor Touring Me Tour was a 1996–1997 concert tour by American heavy metal band …Associated album: Load

    The Blindman's Ball @ Canstatter Wasen. More Info. Aug 24, 1997

    East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States. Continental Airlines Arena. More Info

Metallica Tour Statistics: 1997
    Lords of Summer Tour (13) M2K (10) Madly in Anger with the World (136) Metallica by Request (25) Monsters of Rock 1987 (4) Monsters of Rock 1988 (30) Monsters of Rock 1991 (19) Nowhere Else To Roam (24) Poor Re-Touring Me (60) Poor Touring Me (135) Ride The Lightning (63) S&M (4) Seven Dates of Hell (6) Shit Hits The Sheds (51)

Poor Re-Touring Me Tour - Wikipedia
    79 rows · The Poor Re-Touring Me Tour was a 1997 to 1999 concert tour by the band Metallica. It …Associated album: ReLoad

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