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$99 Package Tours
    Note: $99 Package Tours are Chinese speaking tours for overseas Chinese and there are more than 1 shopping stop each day. All of the $99 Package Tours are operated by other tour operators, not by CYTS Tours. HA01. $49 PACKAGE FOR EAST CHINA 8 DAYS HA02. $99 PACKAGE FOR BEIJING, CHENGDE, TIANJIN 9 DAYS

HA03 $99 Package for Beijing and East China 10 Days
    Tour the Summer Palace, built in classical Chinese style in 1750 as a royal recreational resort. Among its famous features are the 700-meter-long corridor with its wonderful Painted Gallery, the Marble Barge, and several magnificently painted pavilions and pagodas .In the afternoon, we tour Hutong.

China tour sponsored by Chinese Government: It's a Scam
    May 10, 2017 · China tours sponsored or subsidized by Chinese government – they don’t exist Some China tour operators offering seemingly dirt-cheap tours to China ($59, $99, $199) say their tours are subsidized by the Chinese government and therefore they are obligated to parade the tourists through the government-owned stores.

Buying jade on 9-day $99 tour of Eastern China? China ...
    #7, it's not a wind-up. Tour agents have used the "government sponsored tour" lie as a marketing ploy for years. These ultra-cheap tours are specifically marketed to overseas/ethnic Chinese who for whatever reason buy into this nonsense that the Chinese …

10 days Southeast China Tour for Overseas Chinese, China ...
    The 10 days Southeast China tour is for our overseas Chinese. Take this homecoming tour to see the magnificent Motherland – China, as well as the rapid changes of these years by traveling to Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Shanghai. Recapture homeland’s great culture with the delicious local food, classical music & opera, folk arts & crafts, ancient ...

$99 Beijing tour scam - Beijing Forum - Tripadvisor
    It is not a scam, just a very small extra charge, relatively speaking. One night in a decent Beijing hotel costs US$150-$500, a night. Your whole trip costs less than my one day hotel or just one dinner cost in Beijing.My car ride to Great Wall costs about $100.. Last week in a hotel in China, one day English tour of Guangzhou is 780 yuan ($125), with a mandatory shopping stop.

China tour sponsored by Chinese Government - China Forum ...
    first of all, these tours are only for overseas chinese ( non chinese can join if their partners are chinese) i went on one of these tours to the shanghai 5 city tours in 2010. the local tour guide said the tour was sponsored by the chinese govt. she said the main purpose of these tours was to attract overseas chinese who had never been to china. she said the chinese gov''t purpose was to show ...

假日旅遊 - Four Seasons Travel
    China From the Great Wall of China in Beijing, to the alien looking Stone Forest in Kunming, and the beautiful city Zhangjiajie in Kunming, made famous by the popular movie Avatar, China is a destination that every avid traveller has to experience at least once in their lifetime. ... Chengdu Emei Jiuzhaigou 8 Days Tour - From $99* Locations ...

Nexus Holidays Chinese Tours 2019
    All Tours. We have split our product range over 2 pages, English Tours, Chinese Tours and Discovery of China Tours. Listed below are links to all our Chinese Tours. Follow the link to our English Group Tours summary page. Chinese Tours 2020-21

China tour sponsored by Chinese Government - China Forum ...
    These tours are sold through varies Chinese owned tour agencies in your hometown. You need to contact them. Different strokes for different folks, many people truly love these tours, the hotels, food and even love the shopping stops, they are true winners. Some hated them, they are the losers.

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