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Alan Goldsmith - Tour Divide
    Alan Goldsmith Hi this is Alan, Tour Divide Racer # 5. Its 20 after 9 on Wednesday evening, the 2nd of July. I’m in Abiquiu at the Abiquiu Inn.

Alan Goldsmith - Tour Divide
    Jul 04, 2009 · Alan Goldsmith. Could not display the flash because does not appear to exist. ... I'm thinking of writing a 'good food guide to the Tour Divide, and that'll be in it! So, today was really good, nice and dry trails.across the stretch from Abiquiu to Cuba. Didn't see a soul until about 10 miles short of the highway there started to be lots of ...

Alan Goldsmith makes the News Tour Divide
    Jun 27, 2008 · Hi this is Alan. We are still out here. It is Friday the 27th and I'm in Kremmling. Just had breakfast here after riding over from a campsite near Radium. In the last couple of days, we have had lots of things happening and its all been good. We left Rawlins and had to …

Alan Goldsmith Tour Divide
    Hi, this is Alan Goldsmith. I'm in Lima, it's 10 o'clock. Big day from Wise River. Pretty warm compared to yesterday. Yesterday after we left Butte it rained for a few hours and the trails turned to soft, draggy mud. So that was a long way over from Butte to Wise River. I was pretty wrecked at the end of that.

Alan Goldsmith Tour Divide
    Hi this is Alan Goldsmith. I'm in Island Park. Its a little place called the Pines. We been given a luxury cabin at a huge discount. I've just had a nice glass of wine with my dinner after I've been in the hot tub. I don't know if it is in the spirit of the event, but it sure is fine. We had an easy day here.

Alan Goldsmith
    Historic results from ultra-cycling races for Alan Goldsmith. Reports Results Calendar Features About Login ← All results Alan Goldsmith. Claim this profile. Latest Results. Race Year Rank Rider Class/Category Result Bike Finish Time; Tour Divide: 2008: 3: Alan Goldsmith: Solo: M: Finished: Traditional/Geared: 23d: 22h: 55mHope 1000: 2015: 7 ...

Alan Goldsmith needs a Ride Tour Divide
    Hi this is Alan Goldsmith again. We are still at Antelope Wells. We are just loading up the sports mobile with all the bikes and stuff before we head back to Silver City. If anyone can give me a ride tomorrow from Silver City from Phoenix, I need to be there by 5PM. Can you contact me on Valerie’s cell phone. She is Leigthon’s girlfriend.

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