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Knight Tour
    Arnd Roth's page- an improvement to Warnsdorff's algorithm. Combinatorial Object Server- the knight's tour and sequences. Dan Thomasson's excellent site; George Jelliss; Mario Velucchi; Eric W. Weisstein, Knight's Tour(from MathWorld) Chess on Stamps- knights, chess, and more.

Knights-Tour - Eir
    Arnd Roth's page - an improvement to Warnsdorff s algorithm. ... It describes how to solve open and closed knight tours along with other interesting knight tour puzzles such as closed knight's tour cube, magic/semi-magic squares, tessellations, ...

About "Arnd Roth"
    Arnd Roth, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg, Germany: Description: Arnd Roth studies computational physics and neuroscience. This page provides documentation and code for related Mathematica notebooks, and a notebook for the Knight's Tour chess problem, available online. Also links to abstracts or text of many of Roth's articles.

Mark R. Keen - Mathematics Dissertation 'The Knight's Tour'
    The Knight’s tour puzzle can be played in many different ways but the original, as far as I can tell, is to begin on an arbitrary square of the board and visit every other square once and only once using the moves of the knight. ... Arnd Roth's Homepage - Studying physics in Heidelberg he spends a lot of time doing electrophysiologyalthough ...

Knight's Tour
    Dr Colin Rose . The Knight's Tour problem can be stated as follows: . Given a chess board with n × m squares, find a path for the knight that visits every square exactly once.. For example, here is a solution to the knight's tour problem on a 3 × 10 chess board. In this example, the knight starts out in the lower left corner and ends in the bottom right corner:

Roth Memory Course by David M. Roth :
    You will learn how to memorize a shuffled deck of 52 cards or how to remember the knight tour on the chess board. It is likely that Roth was a magician himself, since he mentions his friend Henry Hatton from Magicians' Tricks fame. Dai Vernon learned from this course and …

algorithm - Knight's Tour on a 5 x 5 Board Start from any ...
    I wrote code to solve the Knight's Tour and it works well for 8x8 boards starting the Knight at any square. But... on a 5x5 board I show no solution possible when starting at square (0, 1). What I tried for 5x5 starting the Knight at Row 0, Col 1: Warnsdorff's path; Added Roth (tie breakers based on Euclidean distance from center).

the ultimate Knight's Tour page of Links
    This is the first for a series of Web Link pages, monographic for Math Chess related subjects (other pages in project:: Queen related problems, Retrograde Analysis Chess Problems, ...). The goal is collect whole the related links (offLine or broken, too!) and references available in the Web.

the ultimate Knight's Tour page of Links
    The goal is to travel with a knight around the chess board, landing on each square only once. Features web links of solutions to the game, including a solution" by Dan Thomasson.

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