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How to Become an Ecotourism Guide
    Verify amounts and quality of necessary equipment and supplies prior to start of tours; Provide advice to tour participants on environmentally-friendly sightseeing and shopping; A more senior ecotourism guide may run his or her own ecotourism business, which would …

Eco Tour Adventures Sustainability
    Eco-Tour Guidelines 1. Reducing impact on resources as much as possible. We use Bio-diesel in our vehicles to limit our petroleum use. We use existing trails on hikes to minimize visitor impacts. We use reusable lunch ware to limit trash production and preserve resources . We use organically grown produce and local items/services when possible.

EcoGuide Certification » Ecotourism Australia
    The Program. EcoGuide Certification is a national program, recognising guides who deliver an authentic, environmentally responsible and professional experience. The program is owned by Ecotourism Australia and operated in Australia by Savannah Guides.. EcoGuide certification provides a professional development framework for Tour Operators, Protected Area Managers and accredited training ...

Ecotour - Sai Kung District Community Centre
    Profile "Live Nature" is a social enterprise operated Sai Kung District Community Centre. As early as in 2008, the Centre has been subsidized by the Sai Kung District Council to operate a "Eco-tour Guide Training Scheme" which recruited and trained a group of conservationist and nature lovers in Sai Kung for tour guide techniques.

Ecotourism - Wikipedia
    Ecotourism is catering for holiday makers in the natural environment without damaging it or disturbing habitats. It is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas, intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial mass tourism.It means responsible travel to natural areas, conserving the environment, and ...

Eco Tours Eco Holidays Responsible Travel Ecotourism ...
    A fundamental element of an Eco Tour is the education of environmental issues such as, the protection of natural resources or endangered species, usually relevant to the destination. This may be conducted through lectures, involvement in conservation projects or simply by learning from a knowledgeable tour guide.

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