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Do you Tip in Japan? Japanese Tipping ... - InsideJapan Tours
    Sep 22, 2013 · Another tipping exception in Japan is when you’ve just taken a tour or received a special service. You may wish to tip on these occasions, but you certainly don’t have to. If you do tip a guide, don’t just hand the service provider a few bills and be on your way.

Tipping etiquette for Japan - who to tip
    In Japan No Need to Tip your Tour Guide. You can tip your tour guide, but it isn't mandatory, or expected. There are many available tours of Japan including city tours, nature excursions, visits to Mt Fuji, cultural tours, gourmet tours, and much more.

Japan: Tipping & Etiquette - Tripadvisor
    Tipping on a tour There is need of tipping in Japan at everywhere and for everything. Some old travel guides say you need to tip in Japan (for example, just like other parts of Southeast Asia), but it is not in the Japanese mind.

Tipping in Japan Travel Tips Japan Deluxe Tours
    We frequently receive inquiries about tipping our tour guide and bus driver and here is the guideline on tipping for our tour. Japan is a tip free country and you do not have to tip chambermaid, taxi drivers, or hotel or restaurant personnel. However some people are surprised to find that most tour companies expect customers to tip their tour ...

Tipping Etiquette When Traveling in Japan - Swain Destinations
    Sep 20, 2013 · Tour Guides. Tour guides prove to be somewhat of an exception to the rule. Many guides are accustomed to receiving tips because tourists that are visiting from areas such as America who are used to tipping. It isn’t mandatory, or even considered rude, not to leave a tip for your tour guide, but if you feel obligated a few dollars is perfectly ...

Tipping in Japan: Who, When, and How Much
    Tipping in Japan without a good reason, or doing it the wrong way, could come across as crass or rude and there are only a few times when a tip might be appropriate. Cultural Norms Japanese culture values respect, hard work, and dignity.

Tour Guide Etiquette - Japan Forum - Tripadvisor
    Yes, I know that Japan is a NO TIP country with a few exceptions. After reading many different blogs and sites, tipping of tour guides is a bit nebulous and I do not want to commit any faux pas. I do know that the client does pay for all the transportation within the tour as well as entrance fees and meals. For a guide you pay for (i.e..

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