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Tour du Courage PROCURE (2020)
    Therefore, this year, the Tour du Courage PROCURE wishes to highlight the prostate cancer awareness month, September. Every day in Quebec, 12 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. In September, this number represents 360 men learning the news.

Tour du Courage PROCURE - François Bastien - YouTube
    Aug 06, 2020 · Jeune retraité de 65 ans, François Bastien participe depuis 2011 à notre événement cycliste: le Tour du Courage PROCURE. En solidarité à ses amis proches, victime du …

    The PROCURE Tour du Courage. In order to increase prostate cancer awareness, PROCURE organizes several signature events throughout the year. Every day in Quebec, 12 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Given the magnitude of this statistic, the PROCURE Tour du Courage is a major challenge which is somehow reminiscent of the struggle faced by ...

Tour du Courage PROCURE (2020)
    C’est pourquoi cette année, Le Tour du Courage PROCURE désire mettre en lumière le mois de sensibilisation au cancer de la prostate, le mois de septembre. Chaque jour au Québec, 12 hommes reçoivent un diagnostic de cancer de la prostate. En septembre, 360 hommes apprendront la nouvelle.

Tour du Courage PROCURE 2020 - Charle David Janson - YouTube
    Aug 21, 2020 · Charles-David Janson, notre plus jeune cycliste du Courage «J’ai commencé par être bénévole pour l’événement du Tour du Courage PROCURE, tout simplement pour...Author: PROCURE - Cancer Prostate

Our cyclists of courage - Tour du Courage PROCURE (2020)
    Founded in 2003, PROCURE is the only charitable organization in Quebec to be exclusively dedicated to the fight against prostate cancer through research, awareness and education and support for men who have this disease and their families.

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