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Yōka Wao - Wikipedia
    Yōka Wao (和央 ようか, Wao Yōka, born 15 February 1968) is a Japanese performing artist and a former member of the Takarazuka Revue, where she specialized in playing male characters (Otokoyaku).She joined the revue in 1988 and resigned in 2006. Her nicknames are Takako (from her real name: Takako Ōkawa (大川 貴子 Ōkawa Takako) and Wao. She is the only Otokoyaku to be top in her ...Born: Takako Ōkawa, 15 February 1968 (age …

Takarazuka Wiki Wao Youka
    Name: Wao Youka Kanji: 和央 ようか Current Troupe: n/a Role: Otokoyaku Status: Retired Top Star (2000 - 2006) Nickname: Takako, Taka-chan, Wao Height: 174 cm Birthday: February 15, 1968 Blood Type: O Hometown: Osaka Favorite Food: Japanese food, jelly and fruit Favorite Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley, Moth orchids, Casablancas (white lilies) Favorite Colors: Black, white and silver

夢追い人: History
    2012. 名倉加代子 Can't Stop Dancin' 20回記念公演 ; 舞台 ミュージカル「ディートリッヒ」(Dietrich) Dance Dance Dance @Yokohama ; コンサート「Yoka Wao World Tour in Singapore」 コンサート「Yoka Wao Live Tour 2012 "History"」

    yoka wao live tour 2012 "history"にいってきました!兄嫁と私と3人で。 和央ようかさん、かれこれママンに誘われて、高校生の頃から宝塚の舞台で拝見していました。

Takako/和央ようか(Yoka Wao)🇯🇵🇺🇸🌏 on Instagram: “Love ️ this tea ...
    live tour 2012"history"のシンガポール公演懐かしいです🎤🎶 優しく語りかけるようなたかこさんの素敵な歌声と姿が蘇ってきます😃💕💕ラッフルズホテルのアフタヌーンティーも美味しかったです ☕ あれからも …

和花世界 野人聚樂部 -
    Wao Request Hour (2013) Dracula (2013) The Trojan Women (2012) Dietrich (2012) Yoka Wao First World Tour in Singapore (2012) Yoka Wao Live Tour 2012 History (2012) Wao Yoka Special Talk and Live (2012) Can't Stop Dancin' (2012) Dance Dance [email protected]橫濱 (2012) QUEEN. 大事. Mozart (11/2014) Lady Bess (4/2014) 基督山伯爵 (12/2013) 其他 ...

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